Online Giving


Designate Your Giving

You can designate your giving to several RGBBC ministries below. These ministries will ultimately allow Rio Grande Bible Baptist Church to continue to be a lighthouse in Cape May County. To non designate your giving, please select the general fund.

General fund

The General fund will allow us to pay our bills and fund our church functions and events. This fund is crucial for the function of our church.

Missions fund

The Missions fund will help our church spread the gospel throughout the world by financially supporting foreign pastors and missionaries.

Love Fund

The Love Fund will allow us to help those in need in our church and community.

Building Fund

The Building Fund will finance church renovation projects and future expansion.

Create an Account

You can create a giving account by clicking on the online giving link. Sign up is on the upper right hand corner of the pop up page.

You can choose to give via ACH (direct deposit), debit, or credit card. You can also sign up for recurring payments which can be changed in the future on your tithe.ly account.

Payment differences

Bank Account Giving (ACH) is the preferred method of giving. It allows RGBBC to save on processing fees that occur with a debit or credit card. ACH typically takes 3-5 days to appear on your banking account statement.

The use of a debit card is another acceptable payment method. Debit cards, even though tied to your bank account, occur higher processing fees than ACH accounts, but lower than credit cards. Credit cards allow the fastest method of payment, but the highest processing fees.